Our work proposals

All our lines of action consider as core stone for the service of Mother Earth

  1. Language and kichwa  group of practice
  2. Spanish classes

Projects and courses in environmental science

  1. Environmental quality
  2. Climate change
  3. Solid waste management
  4. Specialized environmental consulting
  5. Technical Environmental training at all levels of training
Yoga Projects
  1. Clasical Yoga postures in alliance withn Sumak Yoga. More information at: https://www.sumakyoga.com/
  2. Private lessons 
  3. Community lessons
  4. Yoga talks 
Fuente: Amawtaywasi 2023- Cursos de saberes comunitarios


You can participate in our study group and be part of our WhatsApp group

We work through virtual classes
Allishamushka mashikuna, welcome our friends 

Our Office Location
Sangolqui City, Postal code EC 171101
Arrayanes 37 and Sauces
E-mail: dsrjari@gmail.com 
Contact Information

+593 (98) 3152042
+593 26010294

13 pm to 22 pm GMT 5
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Learn about our projects related to the revitalization of the Kichwa language and environmental projects that promote the protection of Mother Earth, our Allpa Mama

Ingenieria de la Madre Tierra